• How can I pause my plan?

    That’s easy! You just need to log into your account and click on Manage plan

    1. At the bottom, click on the Pause plan button
    2. You’ll be shown some Frequently Asked Questions, click on Select return date
    3. Choose your desired return date
    4. That’s it! Your pause will begin the next day.

    Best part is, you will receive a pro-rated Gympass credit for the remaining days of your active membership! This means you won’t lose money if you decide to pause in the middle of your billing cycle, for example :)

  • For how long and how often can I pause my plan?

    You can pause your plan for a period between 15 and 90 days and you can do so once every 6 months.


  • Can I pause my dependents’ plans?

    Not yet! We are working hard so that you’ll be able to do that in the near future.
    In the meantime, If you’d like to pause their plans please reach out to our team

  • Can I change or cancel my plan while it’s paused?

    Once you choose a reactivation date and you set your plan to be paused, our system will automatically freeze your account. 

    During this period you won’t be able to manage your plan, and instead you’ll need to reach out to us.

  • Once selected, when will the pause begin?

    The next day! This means you cannot schedule your pause and you will have to request it the day before you want to have your plan paused. 

  • Can I pause my plan while I am on a free trial?

    You may be eligible for a free trial if your company offers it.

    During a free trial, you cannot pause your plan. Nevertheless, if you think that after the free trial you need a break before starting to pay, you will be able to cancel your plan.

  • Once it's paused, can I reactivate my plan earlier than the return date I selected?

    Yes, you can!* After the first 15 days of your pause have passed, the option to reactivate your plan early will be enabled on your homepage.
    It will be as easy as clicking on
    Reactivate plan now. Make sure you confirm the action and that's it! Welcome back.


    *The only requirement is that you pause for a period longer than 15 days. 

  • My plan is about to reactivate, but I'm not ready to use it yet. Can I extend the pause?

    We are working hard to have this option enabled soon. In the meantime, please make sure you select the correct date for when you would like to have your plan reactivated.



  • What happens to my booked classes?

    Once you pause your plan, you will not be able to check in or attend any class. That means that you won’t be able to attend any class that you booked before you paused your plan. 

  • Where can I see the Gympass credit received for the pause?

    The Gympass credit will be automatically applied to your account one day after you request the pause.

    You can check it under the Payments section of your account. You will just need to click on “Available credit."


    Your credit will be applied to the next charge to your account, including any charge related to a dependent's plan.


  • My payment method is credit card, how will the billing work?

    First of all, you won’t be charged while your plan is paused.

    On the date that you selected for reactivation, you will be charged the regular cost of your plan minus any Gympass credit. Your new billing cycle will start on the date of reactivation, meaning that your next charge will be one month after the reactivation date and you will be charged on this date every month going forward.

    It might sound hard, we know, so check out this example:

    Timeline  What happens
    March 1 Your plan renews and you pay your usual $30
    March 14 You pause your plan until April 5
    March 15

    Your pause begins:

    • The $15 Gympass credit is applied to your account
    April 5

    Your plan is reactivated and:

    • You are charged $15 (cost of your plan less the Gympass credit)
    • You are charged on the 5th of every month going forward
    May 5 You are charged at the regular rate
  • My payment method is payroll deduction, how will the billing work?

    Unless you pause on the day in which your billing cycle starts, you will still see a full charge for your Gympass membership on the next payroll after you pause your plan.

    Lots of bureaucracy and we don’t want to bore you with that, but basically this happens because, by contract, we set a date for billing with your company for all employees. Once that date has passed, any changes applied to your membership are reflected only on the 2nd upcoming payroll.

    You’ll be credited a pro-rated amount from the time your membership was paused, and this credit will be applied to any payment owed after the pause starting date.

    On your chosen return date, your plan will be reactivated as requested. You might be charged a pro-rated price, depending on the date of the reactivation, and any available credit in your account will be applied to your payment.

    Whether you get charged for the reactivation right away or on the next payroll will depend on the contract your company has with us and the date set for the start of the billing cycle.

    What’s a pro-rata charge and when is it applicable?

    If you decide to reactivate your plan in the middle of your billing cycle, you won’t be charged the full price of the plan, but a proportional amount for the remaining days of that billing cycle. From this amount you will also be discounted the Gympass credit given to you for your pause.

    It might sound hard, we know, so check out this example:


    What happens

    March 1

    Your plan renews and you pay your usual $30

    March 14

    You pause your plan until April 5

    March 15

    Your pause begins:

    • The $15 Gympass credit is applied to your account

    March 28

    Payday!* You are charged $30

    April 5

    Your plan reactivates: Enjoy!

    April 28

    Payday! You are charged $10, calculated in this way:

    • +$25: Pro-rata for the period April 5 - April 30
    • -$15: Gympass credit for the pause

    May 1

    Your plan renews again at the regular price

    May 28

    Payday! You are charged your usual $30


    *Please notice this is merely an example and the payroll day of your company may be different.