• What is Gympass Wellness?

    We know that taking care of your health and well-being doesn't always have to do with going to the gym.

    Sometimes your options may be more limited, or you may prefer to work out in the comfort of your home. Or maybe exercising isn't your thing, and focusing on healthy eating is the best option for you.

    With Gympass Wellness the choice is yours. Gympass Wellness is a digital platform with a variety of services and products, from online workouts (you can choose from running, spinning, yoga, HIIT, and others), to nutritional plans, and meditation. Our partner network is growing every day.

    Gympass Wellness is included in your Gympass plan. All apps availability will be determined by your Gympass plan tier.

  • How can I sign up?

    To join Gympass Wellness:


    - Access our website and log in to discover our partners and the Gympass Wellness offer.

    - Gympass Wellness is included in your active plan. You will be able to see all the apps you have included and the steps to subscribe to each one

    - You will also receive an email with your subscription information. Save it, you'll need it to request support when you need it.

    - Please note that you must have an active plan with Gympass to use this service.


    Please pay no attention to the 8fit activation page that mentions 3 months free.

  • Can you access Gympass Wellness without having an active plan in Gympass?

    No, only users with an active plan can access Gympass Wellness.

  • How can I use the services of the partners?

    You have detailed step-by-step instructions for each partner on our website or app.

    You will have to subscribe to each partner in order to use their services.

    If you have problems activating your access with any of the partners, please send an email to help.me@gympass.com.

  • How many partners can I access per month?

    On Gympass Wellness, you can use as many partner applications as you want during the month.

    We are working every day to increase our network.