• How Gympass works

    A membership with Gympass offers you access to a range of different gyms, studios and activities rather than making you select just one. It's a monthly rolling contract that can be cancelled at anytime with no cancellation or membership fees involved. There's a range of different membership plans available, so you can choose the monthly price and gyms that fits your needs most. Through your employer, membership prices are discounted, meaning you'll pay less to access the gyms in your plan.

  • Inviting a family member

    To add a family member:

    1. Log in to your Gympass account via the app or website
    2. From the homepage click the option Invite family members
    3. Select a plan for them, then fill out all the information requested
    4. From here you can choose to activate a plan for them by using the same payment details that are in your account or by adding a new payment method
    5. Your family member will then receive an email to set up their account and create login details

    Please note: You will only be able to invite family members if you have an active membership and your company allows family members to join. Family member invitations are restricted to partners and children only, and you may not invite more than 3 family members.

    Please also be aware that if the corporate membership is cancelled, all family memberships will be automatically cancelled as well.

  • Purchasing a plan

    Before purchasing a plan we recommend you log in to your account and search the gyms in your area to see what's available. You can do this by clicking on the Search tab in the top left of the screen (desktop) or bottom left of the app.

    Once you know which plan you would like, you can add it to your card either directly from the gyms page or on the homepage. Once at the cart enter your payment details to activate the plan, as soon it's active you'll be able to start using it.

  • Plan renewal

    Gympass plans automatically renew each month from the date you activate your plan unless there has been a request to cancel. Cancellations that have not been requested in time (at the latest, the day before the plan is set to renew) will not be refunded as per our terms.

    If you wish to cancel your plan, please refer to the Cancelling a plan section.

    If you have any further queries about this, please refer to our Gympass Terms and Conditions: https://www.gympass.com/uk/terms

  • Changing a plan

    You can change your plan at anytime via the Gympass app or website:

    1. Click on Profile (on the website click your name in the top right corner first)
    2. Select the option Change or Cancel Plan

    You will then be able to see all available plans and select the one you wish to change to.

    For upgrades: upgrades are effective immediately from the day you select to upgrade your plan. If this is not on the date that your plan renews, when upgrading you will be charged a pro-rata fee for the new plan until the start of your next month.

    For downgrades: downgrades will come into effect from the start of your next month. Your current plan will be active and usable until the end of the month, then from the renewal date your new plan will be downgraded and you will be charged the price for the lower plan. Please note that you can only downgrade your plan once every six months. If you wish to request an additional downgrade please email support@gympass.com

  • Updating your payment method

    To update your payment details or add a new card:

    1. Log into your Gympass account and click on Profile (on the website click your name in the top right corner first)
    2. Scroll to Financial section and select Payment method, then click on New payment method
    3. Fill in your new payment information and select Add card to complete
  • Cancelling a plan

    You can cancel your plan with no notice period or cancellation fees via the Gympass app or website:

    1. Log into your Gympass account and click on Profile (on the website click your name in the top right corner first)
    2. Select the option Change or cancel plan
    3. At the bottom of the page select the Cancel plan option to cancel your plan
    4. Ensure you answer all questions regarding your cancellation to confirm it in our system and receive a cancellation email

    As plans are paid monthly, please make sure you cancel at the latest two days before your plan is set to renew to avoid being charged for a new month. Cancellations come into effect at the end of your current month so your plan will still be active and usable until that happens.