• Searching gyms and activities

    To search for gyms or activities in your area:

    1. Make sure you're logged into your Gympass account then head to the Search page
    2. Refine your search by activity or location or use the advanced search options to filter by plan, gym features or a range of other options
    3. Click on the gym's name to view additional information about it such as booking information or the access included
  • Using a daily token

    A daily token is a 10 digit number unique to your membership that can be used as a backup validation if you're unable to perform a check-in when at the gym.

    To view your daily token, click on Check-in at the bottom of the app.

    You can present this number to staff in order to be granted access.

    Please note: not all Gympass partners accept the daily token, so please check on their specific page before attending.

  • Accessing gyms through check-in

    The simplest way to gain access to gyms is by performing a check-in on the Gympass app when you arrive at the gym. To perform a check-in:

    1. Ensure location services are turned on for your mobile device and location permissions are accepted within the Gympass app
    2. When you are arriving at the gym, login to the app and select the Check-in option
    3. The app will then load gyms nearby where you can perform a check-in
    4. Select the gym you wish to attend and the activity you want to attend
    5. Once the check-in on your device is completed you can inform staff that you have done so and they will confirm this to allow you entry

    If you experience any technical difficulties with this process please attempt all regular troubleshooting such as closing and reopening the app, deleting and reinstalling the app or restarting your device.

    If the issue persists please contact our Customer Experience team immediately.

  • View your Gympass visits

    You can view your previous validations with Gympass by going to your account settings and selecting the My check-ins option. This will show where you've already used your Gympass plan and when.

  • Using Gympass abroad

    When abroad you're able to use Gympass to access gyms that are available in your plan in two different ways:

    1) If you go to a country that has the same currency as your own, there will be no adjustments in the amount of your unlimited plan prices and you can use gyms as normal

    2) If you go to a country where the currency is different from your own, the price of your unlimited plan will decrease by 10% to factor in changes with the exchange rate. Rates are updated daily so you need to be aware of the value of your plan on a daily basis if you plan on using gyms in these countries

    Note: in the advanced search options, there's an option called Gyms included in my plan: if you're searching gyms in another country with a different currency, this option will show you an estimate of what your plan is worth for that day in that currency.